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We know what it takes to make an expert. That's why we send our Realtors® in training to CalPaces. They are designed to provide you with the knowledge and systems needed to be a competent agent in real estate. Enroll or Login below to get your license.

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Master Keys for Success

Realty Experts Training Academy is designed to give an agent the tools to grow and maintain a career in real estate that should last a lifetime. We concentrate on giving you the sales, communication, goal setting, planning, accounting, and marketing skills to run your own extremely profitable business in such a way that you will have a life, take vacations, and sell it on retirement. All of this by seeking to be and becoming an expert.

The details of daily weekly, monthly, and yearly planning for success are fully addressed. You are trained with the mindset what is best for the client is best for you. With really happy clients comes the benefit of repeat business and referrals to their friends which makes constantly finding new people less important than cultivating those you have

Expert Technology

While many agents spend their day logging into several different systems to manage their business, Realty Experts has a fully-integrated front and back-end web portal for our experts. This enable's our agents to:
  • Maintain and collect lead contacts in one spot
  • Create and publish pages and listings on their website
  • Create and maintain email marketing and contacts
  • Facilitate and complete their transactions paperlessly with our forms builder

Expert Marketing

We also provide a solid In-House Marketing staff to encourage and guide our agents on the best advertising and marketing practices today! These are just some of the Keys to Success we offer our agents:
  • Custom Website with agent listings
  • In-House Marketing
  • In-House Agent Services
  • Ongoing Training Seminars to keep motivated and knowledgeable
  • Custom Craigslist, QR Codes, Email and Social Media Coaching
  • Custom Business Cards and Print Materials
  • Up to 95% Commission Splits