Mike Ferry’s 90 Day Program for Success

You Can adjust this to your own schedule:


First 30 days:


1.     Learn and internalize the Prequalification and Listing Presentation

     scripts. Practice and role-play for 2 hours per day: one hour in the

     morning, one hour in the evening.

2.     Start Sphere of Influence file, get to 100 names ASAP.

3.     Prospect 3 hours per day, 5 days per week for first 30 days, 10-COI,

     20- Just Listed/Sold. Call Sphere of Influence first to warm up.

4.     Preview property 2 hours per day, 5 days per week. Min. 8 houses per day.

5.     Create a 90 day schedule completely in advance: 2 hrs. Script practice;

     3 hrs. prospecting; 2 hrs home previewing; 1 hr. return call and lead

     home follow-up.

6.     Set a minimum of 4 apt. of any kind in the first month.

7.     At days end, if you have no appointments set up, stop and visit 2 FSBO’s

     and 2 Expireds.

8.     Make sure you download 100% of the scripts off of the internet.


Second 30 days:


1.     Learn and internalize FSBO, Expired, Just Listed/Sold Scripts 2 hrs. Per day.

2.     Develop a simple lead follow up system without a computer. 3x5 cards.

3.     Continue previewing property for 2 hours per day.

4.     Add 1 hr. to your day, doing lead follow up and pre-qualifying . If no leads of pre-qualifications, prospect more.

5.     Prospect 4 hrs. per day; 5-7 FSBO & Expireds, 5-7 SOI, remaining balance is Just Listed/Sold.

6.     Start tracking each day: Hours prospecting/Contacts//Listings Taken/Appointments.

7.     Refer daily to 3 words: ATTITUDE, APPROACH, and EXPECTATIONS.

8.     At the end of each day, answer 3 questions:

a.      What did I do well today?

b.     What do I need to improve on?

c.     What’s the most important thing that I learned?

9.     Make a minimum of 6 appointments for the month, 3 contracts signed.


Third 30 days:


1.     1 hr per day role playing.

2.     40 quality contacts per day.

3.     Track all numbers & report them to somebody every week.

4.     Follow schedule 100%.

5.     8 Appointments, 4 contracts signed.


Action Steps to Make This Easier:


1.     Get as much daily positive input as possible.

2.     Find at least 2 accountability partners to talk to 3 x’s  per week.

3.     Since frustration is part of the process, be fanatical about doing some exercise and eating better.

4.     If you’re brave, share this with your manager/broker and spouse.

5.     Keep the schedule simple for the 90 days.




YEAH!!!!!!!!!!         You made it!