J & P Financial, Inc. Addendum                                                                            ALWAYS 
      Seller Agency Relationship Disclosure (CAR Form AD )              ALWAYS 
      Seller to Buyer Agency Relationship Disclosure (CAR Form AD)                       ALWAYS 
      Listing Agreement (CAR Form RLA-10/04)                      ALWAYS 
      MLS Copy  (active)                                                             ALWAYS 
      Tax Information - Real List Information ALWAYS 
      Sellers Listing Information Checklist (SDAR Form SLIC)            ALWAYS 
      Sellers Affidavit (FIRPTA) (CAR Form AS)                      ALWAYS 
      Sandicor Listing Input Form                                            ALWAYS 
      Agent Visual Inspection (SDAR Form AVI) ALWAYS 
      San Diego Water Conservation Certificate (if applicable) IF APPLIES
      Condo / PUD Checklist (CAR Form CC-14) IF APPLIES
      Notice to Buyer to Perform (CAR Form NBP) IF APPLIES
      Copy of Earnest Money Deposit Check ALWAYS 
      Buyer Agency Relationship Disclosure (CAR Form AD) ALWAYS 
      Buyer to Seller Agency Relationship Disclosure (CAR Form AD) ALWAYS 
      Buyers Inspection Advisory (CAR Form BIA-A) ALWAYS 
      Purchase Agreement (CAR Form RPA-CA) ALWAYS   
      Counter Offer _____ 1 _____ 2 ______ 3 ______ 4 ______ 5 ______ 6 ALWAYS 
      Wood Destroying Pest Inspection & Allocation of Cost Addendum (CAR Form WPA) ALWAYS 
      Addendum to Purchase Agreement (SDAR Form APA)                                       ALWAYS 
      J & P Financial, Inc.  Addendum ALWAYS 
      Addendum  IF APPLIES
      Purchase Agreement Addendum (CAR Form PAA or Other)                             IF APPLIES
      Financial / Loan Documentation IF APPLIES
      Contingency For Sale or Purchase of Other Property (CAR Form COP)            IF APPLIES
      Agent Visual Inspection (SDAR Form AVI) ALWAYS 
      Notice to Seller to Perform (CAR Form NSP)                                                     IF APPLIES
      Home Warranty Co. & Confirmation # ___________________ ALWAYS 
      Contingency Removal (CAR Form CR) ALWAYS 
      Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (CAR Form TDS) ALWAYS 
      Sellers Additional Disclosures (SDAR Form SAD) ALWAYS 
      Local Area Disclosure for San Diego County (SDAR Form LAD) ALWAYS 
      Supplemental Statutory Disclosure (CAR Form SSD) ALWAYS 
      Smoke Detector Statement (CAR Form SDS-11) ALWAYS 
      Water Heater Compliance Statement (CAR Form WHS-11) ALWAYS 
      Mold Disclosure (SDAR Form MD) ALWAYS 
      Natural Hazard Report by Property ID (List below is included in this report) ALWAYS 
                 Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement ALWAYS 
                 CA Property Tax Disclosure Report (Mello-Roos & 1915 Bond)  
                 Earthquake Hazard Report (pre 1960)  
                 Environmental Hazard Receipt  
                 Proposition U (special assessments) Poway School District  
      Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory (CAR Form SBSA)                                        ALWAYS 
      Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (Pre 1978) (CAR Form FLD)                                IF APPLIES
      Notice of Supplemental Property Tax Bill (CAR Form SPT)     IF APPLIES
      Inspections & Reports or Waivers ALWAYS 
      Receipt for Reports (CAR Form RFR) IF APPLIES
      Buyers Request for Repairs (CAR Form RR) IF APPLIES
      Sellers Reply to Buyers Request for Repairs (CAR Form RR) IF APPLIES
      Buyers Response to Sellers reply to repairs (CAR Form RR) IF APPLIES
      Septic Clearance & Certificate IF APPLIES
      Well Test & Certificate IF APPLIES
      Pest Control Inspection or  Waiver                                                                      ALWAYS 
      Pest Control Clearance                                                                                         ALWAYS 
      Final Walk-Through or Final Walk-Through Waiver (CAR Form VP) ALWAYS 
      Preliminary Title Report                                                                                        ALWAYS 
      Escrow Instructions / Acceptance                                                                      ALWAYS 
      Cooperating Broker Compensation Agreement & Joint Escrow Instructions     IF APPLIES
      Commission Instructions / Disbursement                                                        ALWAYS 
      Escrow Closing Statement / HUD 1                                                                     ALWAYS 
      Copy of Escrow Check / Final Closing                                                                 ALWAYS 
      Mls Copy  (closed)                                                             ALWAYS 
NOTE: The top of this list is in actuality the bottom of the file